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INDIAN AGRICULTURE DATA SOURCES The most the uncertain factor of Indian agriculture is "DATA". Corporates strive at best to gather and find data to find strategies and solutions So where you will get data from?  Here I try to give some references where you can get relevant agricultural data 1. It is a comprehensive source for Indian agriculture statistics which is regularly updated. It provides authentic statistical information on sectors like agricultural education, agricultural export, agriculture census, agriculture prices, agricultural insurance, animal husbandry, agricultural marketing, horticulture production, agricultural wages and all other relevant agricultural statistics of India. It also provides agriculture-related news.

2. Promote sustainable and equitable agriculture and rural development through participative financial and non-financial interventions, innovations, technology and institutional development for securing pro…
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How to solve a case study???

THE CASE ANALYSIS MODUS OPERANDI Introduction: Clap 1, 2, 3….action, After stepping into a B-school with a lot of colorful imaginations and expectations students start struggling to match the superfast course express. Out of which prime USP of B school student is a case study.
History?? For detail study about case analysis, one can visit Here I would like to discuss some common problems faced by students during their approach to case analysis. ·Case: In simple words, it is a pre-existed or real-life situation faced by a person/company, etc… ·Case let: It’s a mini version of a case ·Case study: It's just about reading a case ·Case Analysis: Its detail analysis of a case by connecting dots to arrive at a clear solution Students have to use the above words felicitously

Usage: Generally case analysis in recent trends is used in competition’s where companies come up in search of solutions to their current problems/challenges   Usually, the cases which show u…



A golden career in this millennium would be a Food and Agribusiness manager. It may sound exaggerated but yes graduating in FABM from B-Schools will give you an opportunity to step into the magnificent corporate world. I know you all wondering about packages, not less than 8 LPA is achievable with thorough effort during the 2 years course of time.

Many questions like about colleges and seat availability,  eligibility etc....turning around may find answer through the following list of Agribusiness colleges and their links, go through these for further details.

S.No.Agribusiness colleges in IndiaWebsite1Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University, Guntur and Food Management Institute, Mysore3AISECT University, Muslim University, Aligarh Business School, University, Gurga…